Sunday, July 7, 2013

Comfortable Clothing for Summer - Part 3

For the final outfit of my comfortable clothing for summer series I wanted something fun, but a bit warmer for the cooler summer nights where you might have a bbq or something fun outside.  

Outfit 3 is a pair of fun colored pants and a tank top (with optional sweater)

My mint green pants are from destination maternity, the blue striped tank top is from Bass, and my sweater is from Old Navy.  

For accessories, my earrings are from Cost Plus World Market and my necklace was handmade by local artist Kara Cox and you can find her etsy shop here.    

I also wanted to thank my husband and parents in law for helping my out with the photo taking for this series.  This is one where I needed help and they were great sports.  They also took this oportunity to poke fun a bit, so, without further ado, here are their impressions of my "modeling".  First up is John:

Then Dawn:

And finally Bella wanted to show you her summer outfit too!