Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pain Attack! Helpful products for your Purse

Hello again everyone!  I have previously gone through the products that I find helpful for use in my bedside table and today I want to touch on the things I keep in my purse for when I have an increase in pain.  Keep in mind that these things do vary with my overall pain level, as I can’t carry as much weight when I am having higher levels of pain.  

First of all, my bag itself is normally an easier to carry bag, such as a cross body bag, and the one I use on my worst pain days has very even weight distribution and fits without moving around.  I am wanting to get another bag like my main one that I am using now.  Here is a picture:

Hair ties and hair clips to pull my hair out of my face - I have been loving these really pretty ones that are made of fold-over elastic:
Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter - I love this stuff! It is great. It moisturizes really well and smells amazing. I also love that the smell lingers on your skin throughout the day.

Young Living Deep Relief Essential Oil Roll-On - I like using this on the back of my neck during the day. I relaxes my muscles and smells lovely.

Young Living Lemon Essential Oil - I put this into my water to make it taste better.

Lidoderm Patch - These work so so well for me. The numbness does not go deep enough under the skin for me, but it does help a lot.

Clear Defense Moisturizing Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Pill Case that usually contains tylenol, advil, and vicodin

iPod Shuffle with Ear Buds